Zamolxis Interactive is a video games development studio focusing on wireless games and located in Eastern Europe, Romania. We have produced mobile games for Qualcomm's BREW solution. We are moving towards developing PC and next-generation console games. Check our games, our outsourcing portfolio, our projects, and even connect to us here, on our official website!


Our company is currently looking for angel investors with experience in high-tech.


We published wireless/mobile games and we intend to develop and publish PC and mobile games.

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Zamolxis Interactiv SRL is a video games development company from Romania, currently developing mobile games and doing 3D games outsourcing. You can find here all about our games, our main company members, our IT outsourcing experience, and much more.

We have launched our first own mobile game! It is called Jeeky and it is currently being distributed by Zapp, the Romanian CDMA cellphone carrier.

Please feel free to navigate around, enjoy your stay, and pop us an email if you want to get in touch with us!

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JOBS: 3D Modelers - 3D Animators

job June, 2007:
We are hiring 3D modelers and animators
for a AAA game outsourcing project. -Positions Filled

  • Good command of 3D Studio Max 9, preferably for both modeling and animation.
  • Creative, efficient, and with a passion for video games.
  • Able to work with minimal guidance.

  • Create and animate characters and objects in 3D for AAA video games.
  • For the first few months the work will be done by telecommuting, from your home.
  • As the company develops a larger physical presence artists will join the company on-site, either in Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest.
  • Our current project requires us to provide our client with a simple test project including a female character high-low poly modeling and rigging (as per client specs), from each of our artists. We will ask this as the second step in the interview process

  • We have just launched our first mobile game with Zapp, a Romanian cellphone operator!
  • Jeeky Wireless/Mobile Game

    numele documentului Distributed by:
    Zapp Mobile Romania

    Published by:
    Global Instruments Romania

    Launched on:

    Coded by:
    Tudor Tihan

    Art by:
    Laurentiu Bontea

    Music by:
    Global Instruments

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